Distorted Society

Take a moment to watch this please. Let’s put an end to bullying and love people for you they are.

Please feel free to message me and talk. I am always here for all of you; Each and every one of you has meaning. 

New Year

We think the new year is another time for us to start over. Any day of your life you can stop and change the path you are taking. You control your life. Be real to the people around you, but mostly be real to yourself.

Never Being Good Enough

We all feel this at one point or another. Society makes us believe this lie. We always try to be skinnier or smarter or more athletic or artistic and so on and are never pleased with ourself. And if somehow you are, you are full of yourself, cocky, according to society. At times this all just makes you feel alone, like no one cares, like you will never be “good enough”. But who has the rights to set this standard. You are beautiful regardless of what the scale reads or what size clothes you have on or the color of your skin. That person that looks back at you is beautiful. Beauty is from the heart and if someone ever tells you different please believe me when I say they are wrong. The grades you get it school do not define if you are smart or not. Einstein failed most of his classes in school proving classes forced upon us can not determine how our brain works, we all learn differently.
We as humans spend so much time trying to be the best that we allow this distorted socitey to tell us what is perfect.
Now stop over thinking it.
Exactly who you are is perfect.